Victorious Secret brings something new to CCL

With the start of the 2012-2013 CCL basketball league came the usual teams of high school guys ready to defeat their opponents. But this year, the CCL team Victorious Secret was added to the mix. Victorious Secret is the first all girls team since 2004, and is made up of only junior girls, three from DHS and four from MHS.

Junior Mallory Fogus started the team with a few of her friends from MHS. The team consists of DHS juniors Fogus, Olivia Shelton, Kate Martin, and MHS juniors Kayla Keyser, Anne Trapani, Maddie Hayes, and Becca Singer.

“It’s a really fun way to spend time with friends,” Fogus said. “Being able to play with girls from Midland is awesome, too, because we’ve always been rivals before now.”

Fogus, Martin, and Shelton played both freshmen and JV basketball at DHS before deciding not to play in their junior years.

“It’s awesome to be able to continue to play basketball, since we all decided not to play with our school anymore,” Fogus said. “It’s a totally different game, and a lot less intense.”

In the past, the CCL league has generally been made up of boys teams only, with the girls sitting in the bleachers watching the them have fun. Fogus is excited for the change this year and hopes to make an impact on other girls in Midland.

“I hope [other girls] see us having fun so that they will be convinced that it’s worth making their own team,” Fogus said. “It would be awesome to be able to play another girls team once in a while.”

Fogus hopes that eventually the entire league will be coed, to provide a little more excitement for fellow teams.

“It’d be nice to have the league half and half so everyone can feel involved,” Fogus said. “The boys always look like they’re having so much fun, and the girls can have that much fun too if they have a team to play on.”

Some people believe that the boys teams will treat Victorious Secret differently, due to the fact that they are the first girls team in years. Fogus believes that that isn’t the case.

“No one has ever treated us rudely, which we really appreciate,” Fogus said. “We can hold our own out there, so if anyone is rude to us, we’ll just go out there and play our best.”

Shelton, also known as Swerve on the court, has seen a little bit of a difference between intensities.

“Initially the guys play differently against us,” Shelton said. “But then they realize that we’re here to win and they step it up.”

Victorious Secret expects to win at least one game in the season, even though they are playing many boys who are taller and stronger than them.

“We go into every game picturing that championship win,” Fogus said. “We also have some very inspirational coaches and fans, which will help us to accomplish anything we set our minds to.”

Both Fogus and Shelton are happy to be a part of CCL.

 “The best part is watching Mallory drain threes from half court,” Shelton said. “The girls are all awesome and being able to play with them in such a fun league is so exciting.”

The team is currently 0-2, with plans for advancement later in the season.

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