Blog: Best DHS memories

Coming into the halls of DHS four long years ago, I was excited to start the next chapter of my life. From what TV and the movies said, I was expecting a lot more out of high school. But still, there were some great moments. These are the most memorable five.

• 5) Benching 325
When I came into high school, I was on the football team and getting bigger. My benching weight amount began to increase steadily. Freshmen year it was 195, sophomore year it was 230, junior year it was 290 and this year I finally broke the 300 pound barrier. Basically what happened was one day I was writing a paper and while editing the final paragraph, my computer decided to crash and I wasn’t able to recover my file. So, being mad and needing a medium to release my anger, I went down to my bench and kept putting on weight till I got to 325. Pretty good for a 17 year old.

• 4) Skipping for the first time
The time was sophomore year, the place in a class I’m still in and can’t say. This was good because it gave me the opportunity to escape school for a certain amount of time and feel free. It also gave me the chance to learn the better part of Midland. By the end of that semester, I’d be skipping a lot throughout the week.

• 3) Going to my first concert
Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to go a LMFAO concert at CMU in late October, and getting ready for the concert was almost as good as being there. For three weeks, I had a countdown going. It was a great experience and eye opening into college life at CMU, my future home.

• 2) Getting my truck
Back in December while I was still working at NCG Cinemas and making good money, I had the chance to buy a new car. Partly being that it was my brother’s car, I went on the hunt for a new ride. When I test drove a black Dodge Ram, I knew that was perfect for me and bought it. The paint job was to die for and that glass pack exhaust that it has is just a great added bonus.

• 1) Graduation
Sure this hasn’t happened yet, but I swear I’ve been ready to leave DHS since freshman year. I’ve had good times during school, but most of the best stuff happens outside school hours or on the weekends. The same exact routine day after day turns us more into zombies than good students. After all, when’s the last time you came across a Dow student with pride for their school?

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