Blog: Prom dos and don’ts

So you think you know all about prom, right? How are you going to ask her? Where do you take her to dinner? Pictures? What about where to eat? How about the transportation, and the after parties? Well rest assured after reading this, you’ll have the best prom night ever.

Do: Ask your potential date in a somewhat creative way. Putting in a little bit of effort into it goes a long way. Make a shirt that asks her, put a note in a thing of flowers, or do a scavenger hunt. Even if you’re forced into going to prom, just make a puzzle or something.

Do: Make plans well in advance. Whether that’s for dinner or for a party bus/limo, sooner is always better. I waited until a month before prom thinking I would be golden but nearly every limo was already sold out in Midland and the closest businesses that could offer me a bus were in Bay City. The same is true with dinner. You could always stick with going to a friend’s house, but nothing beats the actual feeling of going to a fancy restraint with your friends and that special someone.

Do/Don’t: Go to an after party. It’s all up to the person. If you’re not into the whole dancing thing, just skip out. No offence to MPS, but there’s no fun dancing allowed at prom whatsoever.

Don’t: Wait until the last second to ask your date as girls need time to figure out everything. Us guys have it really easy and just have to match whatever she wears, but girls love to shop for hours to find the perfect dress. The more time you give her, the better.

Don’t: Make stupid choices. Prom night is a night we should all remember for the right reasons. One mistake can quickly snowball into a huge situation, so make the right choices and have a safe prom night.

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