Blog: How to skip at DHS

So, you’re sitting in class watching the day wind on, and just can’t deal with it anymore, so what do you do? Well, you can either get up and leave class and have a high chance of getting caught, or you could just read this blog and learn the four best ways to cut class in high school.

1) The first way to skip is to ask the teacher if you can get your homework, which is the most fool proof plan. It’s very important that if you use this tip, you actually have homework to hand in from the night before. Basically just ask them if you can go get your homework but NEVER say from where. That way, you can just go wherever you want. On the off chance you decide to come back from your little road trip, you can just say that your homework was at your house and had to go get it.

2) The second way is to simply ask to go to the bathroom, but again don’t say where you’re specifically going. One, because that will give your plan away, and two, it’s just creepy. This works because if they ask where you have been, you can just say that you were going to the bathroom at Speedway or Dow Mac.

3) The third tip is to become friends with your teachers. You never know when it will be helpful to know them. For instance, you could just be running an errand for them somewhere and just so happen to take a long detour to your house or wherever and just say that you were helping a teacher. This always, always, works.

4) When a sub comes to DHS, students do not usually take full advantage of the sub. They come from so many different school districts and generally don’t know the ins and outs of DHS. So, you can generally bend the rules when they’re present.

High school is supposed to be the time of your life. To make it even better, just take a “personal day” every so often to make life easier.

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