Blog: Endless political discussions are becoming annoying

The thing I hate most in life is when two or more people start to argue over who’s a better polictian. This is just pointless. No matter who or where you are in this country, not everyone has the same views as you. As of right now, the presidential candidacy is in its early stages, but still endless amounts of people are freaking out over the smallest of news breaks, like how Mitt Romney is a Mormon or how Herman Cain introduced a 9-9-9 tax plan. Now everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but arguments in politics should be kept within the household, and not be brought to school or your place of work.

If you’re wondering who I support in this upcoming election I couldn’t say. I support ideas of both the Democratic and Republican parties. If I was old enough to vote, I would vote for someone who would try to give the United States have a better future. Our national debt is rising at ever alarming level, and it seems most every congressman/woman is just voting for their own personal interests and greed rather than supporting ideas they promised the voters. This is one of the main things that starts arguments.

Recently in the news, people have been bashing Cain on his tax plan, and also alleged inappropriate behavior from the 1990s. There are only a couple of things wrong with that.

Why even argue another person over their views in life? If you would ask 10 different people from 10 different states, odds are that each is going to have a different opinion on politics. I believe that if we hired and put better people in Washington D.C., most of this arguing would be avoided. The fact is that unless you have good connections in Congress or a family name, it’s almost impossible to get there.

A good example of this happening is the documentary Can Mr. Smith get to Washington anymore? In this movie, there is a dark horse candidate who almost wins and goes to congress, but he gets beat out by another candidate who isn’t as good as a person as him but has the background and family name to get him into office.

Unless certain people in Congress can make changes to the system, this cycle will keep on contuning, and I will keep getting mad at people yelling there personal views. What I would like to see is a major third party for the government start up that the system isn’t so Republican but also isn’t so much Democratic. Something in between the two would make more sense.

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