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Most people drive around common cars because they are popular and cheap, but others don’t like such basic vehicles. That includes some DHS teachers, who have very unique rides. In this blog, I will profile what I believe to be the four coolest teacher cars and rate them from 1-10 on performance, styling, and how well it matches their personality.

Brent Chambers: Nissan Xterra

When Brent Chambers was looking for a new SUV to replace his Jeep Cherokee, only a few of them fitted the bill as a true off-road vehicle, something he wanted. After looking around the market, he found his current transportation, a Nissan Xterra. Fitted with a manual transmission, it can go deep in trails without any fear of getting stuck with loads of low end torque. Additionally, it gets decent highway fuel economy, and an added aftermarket custom rear off-roading bumper makes it one fierce SUV.

Performance: Although not fast off the line, the car does provide a lot of torque: 7

Styling: The Xterra does have bold styling considering the off-road capabilities it has: 6

Personality: Chambers’ hobbies match the intentions of his Xterra well: 7

James Ferency: Mini Cooper

James Ferency loves the Beatles and the Beatles loved their Mini’s, so when it came time to buy a new car, Ferency went with a new Mini Cooper. The Mini is definitely one of the more unique cars on the teachers’ parking lot. It gets its fair share of looks because of its styling. Also, it handles extremely well on the road and gets good gas mileage. In the future, Ferency might add on cold air filter to give the car a louder exhaust note.

Performance: Stock engine but excellent handling: 7

Styling: One of the most unique cars in the parking lot: 8

Personality: The car matches his relaxed and different style: 6

Charles Stinson: Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Making year-round trips for hunting and fishing, Charles Stinson is a Jeep owner that takes full advantage of his vehicle’s capabilities. When the new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited came out, it added two doors for a total of four. This made it a viable everyday car, while also retaining the unique aspects that make Jeeps Jeeps. Although gas mileage has never been their strong point of this brand, that is not a problem for Stinson. This made it an easy decision for him to trade his old Jeep to a Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. Another cool aspect is that it is trail-rated, which means its extra good for off-roading. The Rubicon packaging makes it extremely viable both on-road and off-road.

Performance: Jeeps have never been known for their performance: 4

Styling: With the Rubicon packaging and the classic seven bar grill on front of the car: 7

Personality: Stinson is an outdoors person, and so is his Wrangler: 8

Kyle Theisen: Chevrolet Monte Carlo

When Kyle Thesien’s last car lease ended, he did what most people do, get a new one. He chose to replace his Mustang with a Monte Carlo. Switching to this was a responsible move considering he has a family. It’s a great all around car, has sporty looks, is fast and the front wheel drive layout of the car has great traction in the winter.

Performance: With its base V-6 engine the Monte Carlo is somewhat speedy: 6

Styling: This coupe design with the red is a great match: 6

Personality: The car matches his calm demeanor: 7

These rides proved the coolest on the teachers’ lot, with Ferency’s Mini Cooper earning the highest number of points according to my criteria.

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One thought on “Blog: Profiling the coolest teacher cars

  1. Kirk January 20, 2021 at 9:25 am

    Your article is excellent. I agree with your ratings. I also own a Wrangler jeep; I often use this car for outdoor picnics, and it does not disappoint me on every road.


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