Key Club volunteers at Siebert Elementary

Members of the Key Club currently volunteer at Siebert Elementary School as chaperones.

They chaperone the students while their parents are in school board meetings at the administration building. Students are dropped off at the elementary school with the Key Club members acting as chaperones, making sure no one gets hurt or wanders off to where they aren’t supposed to be. 

“You have to keep them occupied with fun activities, or else they will try to find their own fun, which might not be the safest idea at times,” junior and Key Club volunteer Sachie Martinez said.

There are currently five volunteers who volunteer at Siebert, and according to Eleanor Hughes, who is the student leader of Key Club, if anyone wants to volunteer at the school, they can join Key Club by attending their meetings on Wednesdays after sixth and seventh hour, or sign up on their website on . Volunteering for Key Club can also count as volunteer hours for NHS. The volunteering opportunities for Siebert Elementary are being held until March. 

“We are hoping to have more people join based on the experiences of others,” Hughes said.

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