Fruit sale begins for music students

The annual fruit fundraiser for music classes is on. Those interested in buying or donating can buy both in person and online at High Music Boosters Fruit . A full case of oranges is $32, a half case is $16. A full case of grapefruit for $34 or a half case for $17. This year the music program has set a goal of $25,000 that will go towards the needs of all music classes.

The fundraiser started on Nov. 21 and will last through Jan. 13. Fruit will be available for pick up at DHS on Feb. 2-4. The class who sells the most not only wins the highly sought-after orange trophy but also bragging rights for the year. In past years, band has taken the win in this competition and thus far they seem to be leading in sales again.

“We do the fruit sale every year because the district doesn’t give the music [program] enough support [which] we need to fund all of our trips and all the equipment that we need,” sophomore Gigi Hong said. “We sell fruit to have that budget for all the music programs to be able to use.”

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