Hearing, vision tests this week

On Dec 5th – 7th, hearing and vision tests will take place in the school. The hearing and vision screening is mandated by the State of Michigan. This will be for 9th graders only, and students will take the tests during their social studies class hour. Vision tests will be screened and rescreened on the same day. 

If students fail the vision test they will be referred to an eye care professional for further examination if they fail the rescreen.  If students fail the initial hearing screening they will be rescreened 2-4 weeks after the initial screening. Students would be referred to a health care provider for further examination if they fail the hearing rescreen. 

Parents who don’t want their child screened need to inform the school prior to the screening date, preferably in writing. A referral letter will be mailed within two weeks of the child failing a hearing or vision retest. When follow-up information is not received at the Health Department for a vision referral, the student will be rescreened for vision the following grade year.  Parents or teachers can make a special request for rescreenings if they suspect anything.

For any questions call the Health Department at 989-832-6673 or check their website for more information.

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Charlotte Gotts

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