Baczewski stars in “A Christmas Story: The Musical”

A magical and humorous Christmas classic is coming to town as a musical. Playing Santa in “A Christmas Story: The Musical”  production is business teacher Mark Baczewski.

“It goes back to my love of the movie,” Baczewski said. “I just love the movie so much and folks that were tied in with the movie made it into a musical 10-15 years ago and I actually saw the musical once in Chicago and really loved it and then it came to Grand Rapids maybe five years ago, so I took my whole family to see it and I just think it’s so fun. They had a live version of it on Fox on national television with Matthew Broderick and Maya Rudolph was in it. Just knowing what the musical looks like and my affinity for the movie, I was like, I have to try out and see what happens.”

Baczewski has been rehearsing for approximately the past nine weeks for the nine performances. “A Christmas Story: The Musical” will be held at the Midland Center for the Arts from Dec 2-11. All shows are now sold out and no additional shows will be added.

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