Seize the Date: Twosday

On a day like today, most people might burst with excitement at the thought that this occasion is certainly not one that comes around every year, or every 10 years even. This year, though, the web speculates about  a magical coincidence, and that magical coincidence is 2/22/22.


Today be sure to take a glance at the calendar on the wall, or the one in the corner of a screen. Today is Feb. 22, 2022 which itself creates a pretty unique numeric pattern. But there is one more little detail no one would have noticed if it wasn’t for the attentive and curious Internet sharks. It just so happens that these five little two’s also fall on Tuesday, which makes it an ultimate day of a digit two. Therefore, the users have already branded this unique date as  “Twosday” and are sharing their ideas on how they are going to celebrate the unique numerical date. 


But why are we so attracted to celebrating dates like that? What is so special about Feb. 22, that Feb. 23 can’t compete with? Does gravitation change? Magnetic fields, stars position, or TV schedule, at the very last? Psychology teacher Claire Fries believes that the idea of organization is what people like about uniform occasions. 


“We, [people], like organization,” Fries said. “When I look at the bottom of the screen and see a bunch of twos, that’s pretty aesthetically pleasing. I also think it feels good for people to be bonded over one thing, and we all like to unite and [admire] something.” 


Many people might agree that it’s nice to have something that would unite people from places all over the map. Twosday may seem like a great, neutral thing everyone can appreciate. But how can someone celebrate it?


“I’d like to celebrate, but I just don’t know how,” Fries said, “I’m trying to think if I have any clothes that have twos on them.” 


Other than dressing up accordingly, anyone who would like to join the festival of twos can come up with challenges or always take a second option if dilemmas appear throughout the day. Things like trying  the second menu item in the second restaurant from the list in the Maps app. Or maybe going to aisle two of a department store and buying the second item that catches an eye. It can even be as easy as taking pictures of as many twos that you see as you go about your daily life, and compare the amount of photos taken with friends.  Fries has even another possible way of celebrating this fun day.


“I might just paint a number two on my forehead, we’ll see,” Fries said.


Overall, today’s date can be considered a great opportunity to simply take a break from the casualties and routines of life, have fun and enjoy  another little thing to be happy about. Having a special day to enjoy the little things may help people not to take life too seriously, and welcome a break in their week to welcome fun into their daily routine. 


“When we have a day like that, people think it’s cool and then the day after everyone clearly forgets about it and moves on,” Fries said. 


Nonetheless, in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s so easy for people to move on from things so quickly. But, Twosday could just be the day when we can stop and take in yet another day from a whole new perspective. So, Happy Twosday, Chargers!

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