Are sports prioritized over clubs?

Sports are a big thing here at DHS. Every year, tensions rise between DHS and MHS in anticipation of the football showdown to come. Scores from last night’s big game are talked about on the announcements daily, and we have many talented athletes at DHS. The issue here is that clubs tend not to receive the same treatment.


Clubs are not nearly as widely discussed as sports seem to be. Concerning announcements, they surely get the short end of the stick. Short blips and advertisements for upcoming clubs are included, but that’s about it. Perhaps the occasional fundraiser is brought up. On the other hand, the announcements for sports seem to go on and on and on and… 


If only things were a tad bit balanced, then the announcements would be much more engaging. What are the clubs up to? Any recent accomplishments?


A lot of students at DHS take little to no interest in athletics. If clubs were a bigger aspect of the school, then many more students would be involved in something and truly get a taste of the high school experience. Individuals may not know where they fit in and have a hard time figuring it out if clubs are seemingly irrelevant.


“We encourage all students to get involved in something whether it is a sport or a club,” athletic director and assistant principal John Streeter said. “I think it is extremely important to be involved in something and each plays a part in the high school experience.”


Students who participate in all sorts of sports and clubs deserve recognition, no matter how much a particular activity influences other students and the school as a whole. 


“I think it is important that each individual finds their own thing that they really enjoy,” Streeter said. “We have some sports and clubs that may be more popular, but there is no sport or club more important than another sport or club.”


It’s understandable that clubs may be harder to promote and discuss as opposed to sports. There’s no games, scores, or players when it comes to the run-of-the-mill club. Some may not care to hear about clubs’ activities, but it would be validating to hear what other students helped work towards on the daily announcements. Some students take pride in their athletic ability, while others take pride in the time they spend a part of a club. They also want to be recognized for their hard work and dedication.

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One thought on “Are sports prioritized over clubs?

  1. Jorja Harwood October 5, 2021 at 10:15 am

    I think along with clubs, our Music department, doesn’t get enough attention either. While during sports announcements, they announce every students’ name included in the game, they fail to even bring up any music-related events. Students in music classes work just as hard as those in sports and whatnot, for example, groups such as Dow’s Symphony Orchestra meet every couple of weekends for extra practice for upcoming performances. I think our efforts deserve just as much recognition as sports.


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