Stressful exams bad for health

Exam schedules have been released to students, and next Tuesday, Jan. 21, marks the start of the short assessment week for MPS schools. Much is expected of students in the span of just 3 days.   

Many students are stressed out. As exam week creeps closer, students are packing in maximum study hours for all their tests. When one’s schedule is stacked up with work and they know they have things to learn quickly, they may very likely begin to stress. Stress, overall, isn’t beneficial to one’s health. In fact, it causes negative effects on one’s health. It can also affect many of the decisions one makes on a daily basis. There are several stress and homework related health issues students should watch out for in the next week.

One of the most well known and relatable examples of a stress controlled mindset is stress eating. Stress eating occurs after a hormone called cortisol, which increases appetite and motivation for different things, one of them being to eat. Many students may still be feeling the wrath of the holiday meals from just a few weeks ago, so additional snack or two would not be helpful to their pre-existent situation in most cases.

“I just have my own way to make [studying] so I’m not stressed, but ready,” freshman Tyler Bryant said. 

A big thing that many students claim not to get enough of is sleep. Stress is closely related to sleep. The more stressed out a student it, the harder it may be to fall and stay asleep. When students work overtime hours, that time often is taken from the amount of hours they get in bed that night. A decrease in the amount of sleep can connect to a plethora of problems quickly for a student. It’s just as important for a student to get the healthy hours of rest at night as it is to get that extra hour of exam studies.

“I put about an hour a day into studying, so I have to push [sleeping] back just a little bit,” Bryant said. “I just don’t want to wake up.” 

Good ways for students to relax and alleviate the stress building up in them are to get in some physical exercise, spend some time for enjoyable activities like hobbies, and spending some time with friends and family.

For exam study tips and techniques, be sure to check out Youth Central’s “Top 10 study tips”:

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