Justin Bieber comes out with a new single

Justin Bieber’s new song “Yummy” came out on Jan. 3, 2020 on all streaming services, making it the first ever single in the new year according to Reuters. The song pays tribute to his wife, model Hailey Baldwin, with lyrics such as “I am elated that you are my lady”.

“Yummy” is Bieber’s first solo single in four years, and he has been encouraging fans all over social media to help get his song to the top of the charts. He reposted a post from a Justin Bieber fan account that includes steps on how to get the song to the top of the Billboard 100, said Metro news.

Forbes news reported that in the post, it encourages readers to create a playlist with “Yummy” on repeat, and in the repost it advises to listen to the playlist at a low volume while you sleep. The repost also tells ‘Beliebers’, the nickname given to fans of Bieber, to use a VPN (Virus Protection Network) if you are international, so that the streams could add towards the US charts.

“It’s a terrible song,” sophomore Shreya Shivakumar said. “But at the same time I feel sympathetic towards him because he seems desperate for people to listen to it.”

His song eventually made it to the top of the Billboard 100, and is the second most streamed song so far in January according to The Hot 100.

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