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Seniors Anthony Zeitler and Andrew Brandon have worked at Apple Mountain Golf Course in Freeland, Michigan for over half of their high school careers. While the job oftentimes consists of rough tasks, such as rolling up muddy hoses by hand and standing outside in the cold all day, the two seniors love their place of work immensely.

“It’s a fun job to have,” Zeitler said. “It’s not like any other job I’ve ever had. It’s a lot of social interactions, both with your coworkers and with the customers.”

Zeitler and Brandon work on the bagstaff, meaning they carry golf bags on and off of golf carts and often close the course at the end of the day. Because of this, they meet a variety of new people everyday. From a veteran who owns his own restaurant to a lawyer with a Corvette, Zeitler and Brandon have met interesting people from all over Saginaw township.

In the future, the pair hopes to continue to spend their summers at Apple Mountain Golf Course. While they don’t plan on staying with the golf course forever, they have learned a multitude of valuable lessons. 

“When we’re working, sometimes we’re the only people there and we have to close the course down,” Brandon said. “So we have to have good character and work when no one’s watching.” 

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