Storm of talent sweeps Central Auditorium

The cast and crew of DHS’ fall play met to read through the script and tour the Central Auditorium building on Monday, Sept. 30. The Drama Club will be putting on William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” in late November.

“The Tempest” is believed to be one of the last plays Shakespeare ever wrote. The plot follows a ship carrying Alonso, King of Naples, his son Ferdinand, Antonio, and other nobles which is wrecked by a storm created by the spirit Ariel under the direction of Prospero. 

Along with the play itself, the Drama Club decided to include seven monologues at the beginning of the show to include more cast members and allow audience members’ ears to adjust. 

“I have a theory that it takes at least ten minutes for our brains to adjust to Shakespearean English from Modern English,” director Gina Kearly said. “That’s why we have seven monologues from familiar character archetypes at the beginning of the show to help people adjust. I also wanted to make sure that everyone got to experience Shakespeare if that’s what they’re here for.” 

The play’s show dates are Nov. 21-23, and each show will start at 7 pm. 

"The Tempest" Cast Read Through
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