Extending limits of equality

With the new school year comes a new start for all of the clubs here at DHS. The Charger Equality Club sees new faces and a fresh new start to the year. The club leaders this year have already made some big changes. For one, the name has been changed from Gay Straight Alliance to Charger Equality Club. It’s important to the club leaders that the first meeting is well constructed and open for anyone attending. Introductions were a big deal, as the leaders believe it is essential to get to know each other if you want the year to be successful. 

“We also went around the room and have everyone had everyone introduce themselves, their names, their pronouns, their sexuality, if they wanted to say it,” senior Rin Dunlap said.

Every Charger Equality Club meeting there is a topic the club members discuss.

“Our next meeting is going to be coming out,” Dunlap said.

A typical meeting with the Chargers Equality Club will also have food and drinks solely based on what everyone can bring. One can expect guest speakers at the meeting as well since the club is mainly based on people’s experiences.

“Sometimes we have adult speakers,” Dunlap said. “They come in and they talk to us about the adult world, it’s really cool.”

The next meeting is Thursday, Oct. 17.

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