Lululemon: New trend in men’s fashion

There’s been a new trend that has arrived in men’s fashion, and believe it or not, it’s Lululemon. Lululemon is a Canadian athletic apparel retailer that is self-described as a yoga-inspired clothing company. While typically associated with making women’s leggings, there’s been a little bit of a shift in the market with some new items being put on shelves and being purchased quickly.

“It’s not really an issue,” sophomore Sam Poupard said. “It used to be, because they’re known for their yoga pants, but men can wear their t-shirts and shorts now.”

According to students, Lululemon is in right now, and one of the big reasons that they have gained appeal for men is their congeniality and overall level of contentment and quality that their products give.

“I would say a big pro is how comfortable it is,” Poupard said. “It’s just good, comfortable clothing. They have casual polos, nice shorts, it’s all just really comfortable.”

Overall, Lululemon is gaining big traction and is getting a hold on men’s fashion, and Poupard believes that in the future, there’ll be a fairly big, new move in men’s fashion towards wearing that line.

“I think Lululemon is going to be the new fashion trend,” Poupard said.

Sophomore Alex Futter wears a men’s Lululemon shirt.
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