Clearance 78 enters Dow High

Freshman Hailey Allen is the lead singer of a locally-based band, Clearance 78. The group started two years ago, and consists of members Kaleb Lenter as bass player, Luke McMahan as drummer, Thomas Ladwein as keyboardist, and Sean Sullivan as guitarist. 

“I wanted to join a band so I could meet new people and learn how to sing in a different style than I’m used to, and learn how to adapt to a different environment,” Allen said.

Allen has been singing ever since she was six years old, when she struck an interest on learning the complexity behind it all. She explains that the best part about singing for her is being able to express herself, her voice, and the diversity of styles that come with it. Being a role model for young people who want to perform on stage is also a big reason.

Their name, Clearance 78, has a humorous story behind it as to why they picked it.

“It was actually on our first day of our photo shoot,” Allen explained. “Our first set of pictures were taken in front of the entrance to a parking garage and on top of the garage it said “Clearance 7’8”. We’d been arguing about a name all day, but we realized an opportunity. So we removed the apostrophe and that’s how we became Clearance 78.”

The music industry has drastically changed over the past few years, with hip-hop/rap in the lead. But many people still enjoy classic rock, and so does Allen’s band. They prefer to play songs by Queen, Elton John, Bon Jovi, and many more.

“My biggest influence is easily Freddie Mercury,” Allen said. “He’s created a light in the music world that I’m obsessed with and his story has served as kind of a model for me. The entirety of my stage presence comes straight from Freddie’s influence on my life.”

Clearance 78 members from left to right: Sean Sullivan, Luke McMahan, Hailey Allen, Kaleb Lenter, and Thomas Ladwein. “If I had to describe [the band] in one word, it would definitely be family,” said Allen. She describes the group as a tight-knit bunch who support one another.
DHS freshman Hailey Allen loves to perform on stage. She looks forward to “seeing the reaction of the people in the crowd, being impressed with the fact that kids can actually play well.” Allen has been performing for a long time and always keeps her cool before a performance.
The group became a band around two years ago. “We met at Fulkerson’s Music Studio in downtown Midland. Some of us took music lessons prior to meeting, but we met at the first meeting after our instructor had grouped us together as a new band,” Allen said. The members were all a perfect fit and work compatibly with each other.
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