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Long car rides are a bore without the right music. We have compiled a list of songs great for the road or any other method of travel. While the songs are many different genres, they all have the right feel. There are three different playlists. The Dow High Road Trip playlist was created based off a survey sent to the whole school. The other two were created by staff members great to listen to depending on your tastes, Amelya’s picks, and Jenna’s picks.



Dow Gardens

dow gardens gig dow gardens gigi

Currently, the butterfly house is in full bloom. This means that it is the perfect time to take some Instagram photos before the house closes for the season. Students and children 6-17 can get into the house for $2 or $10 for adults. Photos taken with the butterflies looks really cute, and the greenery spices up a dull winter feed. Photos courtesy of Gigi Dauphinee.


Live Oak

like oak jenna

Midland has a few beautiful murals of its own. The mural on the side of the Live Oak coffee house is a really cute place to take colorful photos for your feed. The mural has a mix of both colors and black and white, perfect for any desired aesthetic.


Great Lakes Pharmacy

michigan mural jenna

If you want a little piece of Michigan in your feed, take some photos by the Michigan mural. The mural is located on the side of the Great Lakes Pharmacy. The mural depicts the state of Michigan, as well as a blue and green wave pattern. Since the mural is rather busy, a plain outfit would suit it well.


Bay City

The Planetarium

IMG_2312 IMG_2304

The outside of the planetarium is very unique, and offer a very cute background for your photos. The vertical stripes on the planetarium allow for a tall feel, and the color complements any hints of red that you are wearing on your clothes. The black and white portion of the planetarium is cool and contemporary, and the circular windows add some cool reflections and texture into your photo.


Rudy’s Red Lion Diner


Rudy’s Red Lion Diner is a cute little shop that closed down. While you can’t go inside, there is a very nice pattern painted on the outside wall. The bricks are painted a very cute checkered pattern, adding a bit of a childish feel to your feed. The color of the bricks works really well depending on the outfit, shown in the purple brick, and Amelya’s jacket.


Random Walls

IMG_2273 IMG_2265Jenna Purple Wall Jenna Blue Wall IMG_1982

Downtown bay city is full of different alleyways, murals, and historic buildings. As the weather gets warmer, it can be fun to take a stroll about the area. There are a lot of different brick colors, and cute storefronts that can be the perfect place to snap a photo. Explore on your own and you’ll be able to find cool doorways and alleys to take your aesthetically pleasing photos.


Electric Kitsch

IMG_2254 electric kitsch amelya

Electric Kitsch is a record store with a variety of vintage items. If you are looking to have more of an old, yet modern feel to your photos, Electric Kitsch is the place to be. The albums and settings make the perfect background.

GT Homestead


Along with murals and fun colored walls, downtown Bay City has a variety of small shops that are sweet,local, and good for photo ops. The vibes of the shops will give your feed a pop of uniqueness. The shops are also fun to walk around in and great places to shop for gifts.

The Alkali

meelee bay city alkali Jenna Alkali

The Alkali is a large cement structure located behind a broken fence in the woods. The walls are covered in graffiti and is the perfect place to take edgy pictures to spice up your feed. Be careful, and use the buddy system, as this is an abandoned structure in the middle of the woods. This is not safe for children, as much of the graffiti is obscene.

St. Laurence Brothers


If you’re looking for a sweet spot to take photos, this is the place for you. St. Laurence brothers has a nice feel that makes you feel at home right when you walk in. The candy shop exterior is prime for light-hearted photos.


Beatles and Beans Coffee Emporium

IMG_1862 Jenna Beatles

Beatles and Beans coffee emporium is the perfect place for your Beatles themed pictures! The entire shop is covered wall to floor in Beatles memorabilia. Not only is the atmosphere warm and cozy, but so are the drinks. Their chai latte was better than anything I have ever had. The staff was also very friendly and helpful.


The Upper Peninsula

lake michigan twin falls thaquamenon falls state park

While A road trip to the Upper Peninsula  may be longer the nature is worth it. The beautiful landscape, beaches, and waterfalls are perfect for taking photos and boomerangs, including Those pictured. This trip may be more successful in the summer when the water has melted, but could still be a fun photo opportunity over spring break. The first two photos were taken in Munsing Michigan, the waterfall Twin falls, and the third photo was taken in Tahquamenon falls. Photos by Jenna Wray and Katie Ellison.



micah landsing IMG_4592 IMG_4591 IMG_1720 (1) ani meelee lansing

Lansing is a city that is both our capital as well as a beautiful place to take photos. The area is full of architecture that is really pretty for a city photo. There is also an abundance of greenery throughout the city that is perfect for getting a little spice of nature that your feed needs.

Sleeping Bear Dunes

lelanu penninsula katie

The Leelanau peninsula borders Lake Michigan. This photo was taken along pierce stocking scenic drive, near the sleeping bear dunes national lake shore. The area is perfect for both beach and hiking photos, as you can get the sand and water in the pictures.


charlevoix w amelya charlevoix

If you’re willing to go a little further for a road trip, Charlevoix is a great stop. With a lot of unique shops downtown and wonderful beaches, it’s a good destination for any time of the year. Although these photos were taken in the summertime, there are many activities to do regardless of weather conditions.

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