Dating on a dime: How to be frugal when spending time out

CaptureCha-Ching! The sharp sound signals hard earned cash being inserted into a large electronic register. The sound of heavy feet and a heavy heart take over as the weight of spent money bears down. A small dent is made in the pocket when purchasing for one’s self, but an even bigger hole is created when the price is multiplied by two.

Spending money on an evening or afternoon out can quickly become a burden and could take away the fun and the excitement that goes along with dating. Reducing the cost of dating could potentially help with the crushing feeling of being on a budget.

“Talk to your date, maybe split the bill so you don’t have to pay for her every time or her pay for you, but just make it as equal as possible so you can both financially stay stable,” said senior Justin Sanderson said.

There is a variety of date categories, and each has their level of expense. If a student is just looking for a place to hang out and chill, then there are some options available. If they plan to go for an extended period of time, then it is important to have food. A homemade picnic would be a reasonably cost-efficient option rather than an expensive restaurant.

“[My ideal date is] something that revolves around food,” senior Alexis Whiteman said.

There are still occasions that a student would find that they don’t have that much money to spare. There are a variety of options that a couple can do that doesn’t require money. Taking a walk outside, watching television, or just enjoying each other’s company.

“[Money] definitely [is a factor], pick a cheaper place to go,” junior Sam Drake said.

Like any activity, going out on a date and spending money can get repetitive. It may be a good idea to do something different every once in a while. Communication between the couple can be important to figure out what sounds reasonable.

“Honestly I don’t think it matters where you go or what you are doing as long as you are with somebody that you are comfortable with and that you can laugh with and have fun,” senior Alix Campbell said.

Sometimes couples may disagree on what they want to do for a date, they may want to do something more expensive. Communication again plays a role to make sure that both people like what they are doing. Nobody wins if they both don’t enjoy it.

Whether it is an expensive dinner, or hanging out at someone’s house, it may be best to do activities that both people enjoy like spending time together.

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