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 “Depending on the distance, you pick out your club, you know what distances you hit each of your clubs and then you can do half swings or full swings.”  “That’s the thing about golf, it’s not contact so you can play your whole life. So you can play when you’re 90.”  “[If] you put the ball in front of your stance, the ball goes higher so it doesn’t bounce as much and the back of your stance it goes lower.”


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“For pitching, be confident because I know if pitchers lose confidence the balls start going everywhere. For catching, try to make your pitchers as comfortable as possible. If you do that, your pitcher will do better which will make your job a lot easier.” “[The] basic stuff: you should probably have at least one softball in your bag, your bat, gloves, a helmet, cleats, water bottle.”


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 “All the gear we use: elbow pads, shoulder pads, helmet, it’s a contact sport so it’s not like golf or tennis. There are two different types of sticks. There’s midfielder sticks which are a little bit shorter and defensive sticks which are six feet long.”  “Upper body strength and form is also a key to throwing a ball hard. Arms up and away is all I’ve been taught ever since I was a little kid so that’s what we use now at the varsity level.”  “I’ve been playing a long time and that’s [how] I’ve gotten to where I am now starting for varsity and it’s a lot of fun, contact sports are always a lot of fun for certain people.”


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“You’re going to have the ball and then you hold it by the triangle part of your racket and toss it in the air while you’re pulling your racket back and then while the ball is still in the air you’re putting your serve in trophy position and then swing and hit the ball.”


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 “So basically, you’re going to take your stick and you’re going to throw it close to your body and make sure you keep it close to your chest and move the stick in and out so you’re showing the ball to the field and then bringing it back in. And just keep doing that and bring it back towards your face.”  “We use a face guard that covers our face/our eyes. We use a mouth guard and a stick.”  “Make sure when you cradle you keep the stick above your shoulders or else the players will be able to check behind you.”
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