Creative children’s books created by DHS students

In the library, second grade students from Siebert Elementary School and DHS students from Sarah Hechlik’s third hour writing workshop class and Mark Francisco’s first hour 2D art class share their stories with one another.  Over the past month the students have been writing stories about or for the elementary students, while the art class has been creating illustrations for the story. Some books are about the elementary students and others explore different adventures.

“[My story] was about an arctic dolphin who was a scientist, who went into a cave to meet his friends” senior Jessica Smith said.

Jessica Smith
(left to right) second grader Marcos Gresziak and senior Jessica Smith read out loud their homemade children’s book about an arctic dolphin.

During the day the students shared stories, drew pictures, played dodge ball and sharks and minnows, and ate pizza.

Second grade students from Siebert grab balls to play dodge ball in the gold gym.

Junior Hannah DeRuyter went solo in writing and illustrating her story which she created in only two weeks. DeRuyter wrote a story about a skateboarder inspired by her second grade kid, Justin Corle, who enjoys skateboarding.

“I enjoyed writing probably writing probably more than I enjoyed the art,” DeRuyter said.

(left to right) second grader Justin Corle and junior Hannah DeRuyter draw pictures and play hang man together after sharing their stories. Corle wrote a story about a football player called “Tim the Quarterback” and DeRuyter wrote and illustrated a story called “Ready to Fall.”

After the day with the high school students, the second grade students can go home with a new book designed specifically for them and a memory that will stick with them until they become high school students.

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