Segment One; learning the basics

Students are taking their first step to getting their drivers license by taking Segment One drivers training classes.  Driving classes started in January and end in May. The course is 3 weeks long and passing the test at the end of the class is essential to getting a permit. Jack Wilson, the teacher of the program, is well known by the students who visit him daily.

“I like working with young people which is why I teach drivers training. The students get to know me and trust me,” Wilson said.

Sophomore Britney Bawar expressed her liking for the videos shown in the class.

“I like all of the real life videos we see, because it can really impact my life and it really impacts me because all these people lost their lives due to a simple mistake,” Bawar said.

At DHS, the issue of texting and driving, drunk driving and anything else that can potentially harm you and others is taken very seriously. Keeping safe on the road and not getting into accidents is so important and Jack expresses that through his presentations and slide shows. Many students have been nervous about starting the lessons, including freshman Paige Gilstad who was proven wrong when she got into the class.

“I love that drivers training is a completely stress free environment for something I know lots of students worry about,” Gilstad said.

She also explained her liking of Jack, describing him as “a great instructor and keeps its fun and upbeat during the two super long hours after school.”

Learning to drive is a priority for many students and want to get their license as soon as possible. Taking segment one and attaining their permit is the first step. Many students (especially freshman) are not old enough to drive and have to constantly ask someone else for a ride. Freshman Sarah Pisarczyk, who is also in the class this month is excited to get her license.

“I wanted to start because I think being able to get my license at 16, in December, will be really convenient as far as getting myself where I need to be,” Pisarczyk said.

Whether it is the student’s first time driving or not, they are encouraged to stay safe while on the road.  At drivers training they push students who are learning to drive to concentrate on the road and to not get distracted by things like music and talking. 

For more information on the requirements to get your permit and license click here.

By: Hannah Raw

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