Brad and Samir’s Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl Snacks

1.) Pull apart cheesy bread

2.) Queso Dip

3.) Snack Stadium


Lexy Coleman, waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings, Midland, MI 

DHS Media: How long have you worked here?

Lexy Coleman: 3 years

DHS Media: Run me through a typical Super Bowl day here at Buffalo Wild Wings

LC: Everybody is very busy starting from when we open our doors. We usually start getting the big massive wing orders as soon as we open and they don’t stop till an hour before game time. Our bar section starts getting busy around 3 P.M. and is packed until the end of the game. After the game is done it’s nice to have everyone step back and take a breather as we serve the few customers that are still left.

DHS Media: How do the customers treat you during Super Bowl day?

LC: Every customer here always treats me well, I’ve never had a problem with a customer in the years that I’ve worked here

DHS Media: Do you yourself enjoy watching the Super Bowl?

LC: I’m not a huge football fan so no.

DHS Media: What’s the most popular dish on Super Bowl night?

LC: Wings are easily the best seller we have but beer is also a pretty big hit.

DHS Media: What age range do you see on the day of the Super Bowl?

LC: Earlier in the day it tends to be more families that we see come in. As the day goes on we usually see older men and women and a lot of college students.

By: Brad Drenkpohl and Samir Bahadur

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