City Forest Snow Sculptures

On Jan. 15 students from the DHS Art Department took part in the local snow sculpture contest at the Midland City Forest. The contest has been a Midland tradition for 42 years, and competition is only open to students. Local schools, including DHS, Bullock Creek, and others, participate to make the best snow sculptures they can, with the finished products left on display for all to see.

DHS entered two teams to this years competition: juniors Sara Kollig, Nick Pereira, and Madison Werries made up one team, while senior Peter Carras, junior Natalie Lauren, senior Kelsey Olsen, and senior Linda Pavlok made up the second.

Kollig, Pereira, and Werries created an Ouroboros sculpture, depicting a snake eating its own tail. Carras, Lauren, Olsen, and Pavlok created an original piece, constructed of a duck sitting in a dog rocket ship. Both groups worked all morning on their pieces and DHS’s team of Kollig, Pereira, and Wearies won first place in the competition.

“Winning was really satisfying because we only got third last year, and that was a disappointment to us,” Kollig said. “We have been wanting to get people’s choice award for the past three years and it’s really nice that we finally got it. We were worried our sculpture wouldn’t be up to par but it all came together in the end.”

The experience wasn’t all work though. The competitors enjoyed the fresh air and had ample opportunity for fun and games while at work. From sledding to impromptu snowball fights, students worked hard but also found fun in snow sculpting.

All creations can currently be seen at the Midland City Forest at 2820 E Monroe Road in Midland, Michigan.

By: Bo Brueck

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