Seniors say thank you to their teachers

I haven’t ever been as close to a teacher as Coach Schwartzkopf. I had him as a teacher for two years and as a tennis coach for one season. Over this time I grew to admire his passion for teaching, his steadfast determination, and iron will to do what’s right. He stops at nothing to help those who need it and doesn’t give up. More than this though, Mr. Schwartzkopf is a wonderful guy to be around. He’s downright hilarious and I’ve never felt more comfortable around another teacher. Being around him is like being around a friend, someone you can laugh with, and also someone you can have personal, deep, and meaningful conversations with. Schwartzkopf is overall just a good man, and I will forever remember him as one of the most important father figures in my young adulthood.

– Armin Vallazza-Margl

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