Seniors say thank you to their teachers

Dear Teachers,

There are a few things I never said. I never got to say thank you. More specifically, I never got a chance to say thnk you to all the teachers. Both to teachers I’ve had and teachers I haven’t, thank you. Thank you for all those times I gave up and stopped trying but you came alongside me and pushed me to do my best. Thank you for all the grace you have given me on turning in my homework and finishing projects and papers. I thank you for laughing at my jokes that weren’t really funny, but you laughed anyways so I wouldn’t feel awkward in the dead silent class.Thank you for letting me sit by my friends, which lead to amazing friendships. Thank you for repeating yourself after I say “what” for the 10th time. Thank you for being a smiling face that brightens the day of a student who feels like they have no one else to turn to. I thank you for being stern when you needed to be, and goofing off when we all just weren’t feeling the whole “school” thing. I can never thank you enough for all that you’ve done. I hope this small tribute keeps the flame of teaching inside you burning on this day, and forever more.


Jeremy Wisler

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