Seniors Leaving

Senior year. A time of triumph and sorrow. A time of memories and dreams to be fulfilled. To many, senior year is a time to hold on as much as they can, a time to live to their fullest while they still have the innocence of high school. To others, senior year is a time to put behind them, and a time to start looking forward to the future. No matter which way one looks at it, senior year is a time for the school to rejoice. It is a time in which everyone rejoices on the beauty and struggle that is hopefully four years of high school. But senior year isn’t just about the big kids on the block, it’s also about the friends and family of those that have to watch them go. Some seem to be happy about the fact that it’s their time to be the big dogs but others will morn the loss of some of their favorite peers and companions. There are mixed feelings throughout the school whether it be positive or negative. Happy or sad. Loved or hated.

“I’d say I ride the fence on​ this issue,” unior Jack Yarosh said. “It is a very exciting feeling to have my senior year right around the corner but I’d have to say there are many people I’m going to miss.”

Yes, the juniors can smell the glory. They can sniff the scent of freedom and accomplishment that comes with being a senior in high school and to some it is a feeling of pure happiness.

“I’m ready for the seniors to leave,” junior C.J. Krueger said. “Ya’ll have had you’re time but it is our time to rule the halls. Bye bye seniors.”

The Senior class brings an essence to the hallways that makes high school feel like high school. The freshmen have to be intimidated by the presence of seniors and the seniors have to feel the pleasure of being the intimidators. It is something that has happened in high school hallways for decades and decades before that. But it seems that as time has passed the freshmen and seniors have lived as one more than the past. Freshmen and seniors can find themselves in classes together throughout every subject. This unity creates a friendly atmosphere that might not have been present 10 years ago in the DHS hallways.

“I had a great time with the seniors,” freshman Caden Skinner said. “There are plenty of seniors in my first hour marketing class and they never make me feel out of place or unincluded. I’ll miss them a lot especially because my brother won’t be around anymore.”

Every senior class will be remembered, but that remembrance will be short lived as there will be a new senior class in three months making their own mark on DHS history. Some will miss the seniors, some will push them out the door, but what is certain is that our Seniors will always be loved. Congratulations to the Class of 2015 on their miles of success in the past and their success to come in the future. It has been a pleasure.



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