Smile – It’s Good for You!

Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health have recently been researching the real impact of the mind-body effect that has started to become much more prevalent in modern Western medicine. Amazingly, they discovered that people who were evaluated as having better psychological health – including happiness, optimism, and overall satisfaction with life – showed a correlation to having healthier levels of blood pressure, weight, and blood lipid (fat) levels.

Part of this effect may be due to the fact that oftentimes, psychologically healthy people tend to be more likely to engage in healthy behaviors like eating well and exercising. Senior Audrey Moolenaar believes that the inverse can also be true, and positive behaviors can lead to increased happiness.

“I think it’s important for people to make times to do the things they love, to be social, spend time working out, and just enjoy life,” Moolenaar said. “I think being happy can have a really positive influence on a person’s quality of life.”

To learn more about the connection between mental and physical health, check out this article on CNN.

By Rachel Reardon

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Rachel Reardon

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