Roden uses 20-Time to improve student lives

With the 20-Time Project Fair on Apr. 23, students are finalizing their projects and tying up loose ends. The purpose of 20-Time projects is traditionally defined as an endeavor that allows students to participate in something that allows them to learn something more about themselves. For junior Elizabeth Roden, this consisted of learning more about herself by improving her own self-esteem of those around her.

“My project is improving people’s self-confidence,” Roden said. “I want people to feel better about themselves and reduce problems like self-harm, eating disorders, and bullying.”

Roden recognizes how difficult such an unconventional project may be, but she hopes to initiate permanent change in people’s lives.

“I wanted my whole project to lead up to this big video,” Roden said. “This video was a replication of the idea of one of BuzzFeed’s videos. It is called ‘what do strangers think about you?’ in Dow High. But simply, I already did that, and failed miserably. So I’m moving on to my next project: to try a different strategy and do little things around Dow High. I am then going to see if I could see a difference in people for a couple of weeks.”

Roden admires the whole idea of the 20-Time projects, and really enjoys the opportunity it has given students a chance to explore passions they never got to before.

“It gives you a break once a week to get a little ‘me time’ during school,” Roden said. “The purpose of 20-Time is to give a person a chance to do something we always wanted to do or never had time for.”

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By Anna Mylvaganam

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