Saving the shred until next year

With the season coming to an end, the skiers are racking up their skis. After a long cold winter season, the members of the alpine club begin to go their separate ways. Even though there was a trip scheduled at Crystal Mountain, it had to be canceled because of all the members disbanding. Adviser, health and wellness teacher Lisa Bilodeau explained the reasoning for members disappearing.

“Once spring sports came, it took a lot of our members,” Bilodeau said.

Bilodeau thought about the season and what improvements she is going to make for next year.

“We plan to have the alpine club fundraiser earlier in the year next year, this year we had it but it was just too late in the season,” Bilodeau said. “Next year I also plan on having new and more student officers to help run the club.”

Even though the season for shredding the gnar is over, the alpine club still plans to have an end of the year pizza party to celebrate the club. The party will be held sometime following spring break.

If one missed their chance this year, there’s still next year to join one of DHS’s “gnarliest” clubs. If a student is looking for any information about the club one can contact the advisor Bilodeau for information.

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