DHS has a ping pong team

After 47 years, DHS is pleased to introduce a ping pong team to its list of clubs. Brought to history teacher Tom Evans’ attention, students Matthew Bone and a friend, asked Evans if he would be willing to sponsor their club and he gladly accepted. Bone doesn’t have any previous experience of playing ping pong except for the few times that he has played with his friends, just for fun. He wanted to create a ping pong team at DHS because he learned that Midland High has one and since then he has been bringing in ping pong tables for the team to play and practice with in the future. The team has only had one meeting so far and there are only about 30 members signed up but Evans and Bone are hoping that later on those numbers will rise.

“Ping pong is cool being at DHS because it is a sport played all around the world so it will gather the attention of a variety of students,” Evans said. “Some students who join might be joining for the thrill of competition and others might just join as a hobby and something to do in their free time. Both reasons are acceptable though and anybody is welcome to join.”

In order to join ping pong, students may talk to Evans, Bone, or can listen for announcements about meetings. The ping pong team members look forward to a good future and hope to win as many tournaments possible as well as make new friends and have a fun and exciting rest of the year.

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Madison Schur

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