DHS boys golf prepares for the worst this upcoming spring

At the most recent meeting that Coach Mark Pickering conducted, he informed his players that the DHS boys golf team will not be expecting a timely return to the golf course. Expecting the weather to not be up to par, Pickering informed the team that the plan is to not practice on the course until after spring break. With the weather looking like it will be too wet and too cold, there is a common belief within the golf community that another typical Michigan spring is yet to come, hindering the DHS boys golf team from getting on the course earlier than previous years.

“It’s really too bad that the weather isn’t better than other years,” sophomore Jack Morgan said. “There was a hope within the team that we would be practicing earlier than other years, but we were once again proven wrong.”

The team will hopefully tee it up for the first time in early April at the Currie Invitational, but weather will be the dominating factor as that day approaches.

By Ben Roeder

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Ben Roeder

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