Sociology students test society’s norms

As a society, there are certain boundaries set in place. These behaviors of what can be said or not said or things that can be done or not done are part of societal norms. Well, sociology teacher Emily Grocholski sends her students out to push those boundaries.

“The goal of the project is to see how many norms we have in our society that are not written down but yet most of us follow,” Grocholski said in an email.

Grocholski believes that her students gain an understanding of society’s norms and how they help society function.

When junior Emma Johnson had sociology, she chose to break the social norm that involves not speaking to strangers. After going up to multiple strangers pretending to know them, she got a different perspective on this particular norm.

“I understand why that norm’s important, but I feel like it’s a little exaggerated,” Johnson said.

For any further information, please contact Emily Grocholski.

By Annie Kidder

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Annie Kidder

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