MPS begins plans after bond proposal is approved by voters

On Feb. 24, the bond passed. Out of the 39,798 registered voters, only 7,242 voted with 4,390 people voting for the bond and 2,848 people voting against.

Funding for this bond will go towards the safety and security of everyone working at or attending MPS.

“The bond will affect all of the Midland Public Schools’ buildings,” Superintendent Michael Sharrow said.

For the students at DHS some of the changes that will occur are repaved parking lots, replacing the heating and cooling equipment and their controls, new furniture, the science labs will be updated, the steps and plant boxes at the front of the school will be replaced, and they will be putting in secure entrances. Those are just a few of the many changes that will be seen at DHS.

The DHS and MHS projects won’t be started until the summer of 2016.

“They won’t be completed until the fall of 2017,” Sharrow said.

If everything goes as planned it will only take about a year for all of the changes to be completed in the DHS and MHS buildings.

By: Dani Huey

For more information you can email Superintendent Michael Sharrow click here

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