Aldi grocery store coming to Midland this summer

Just a month after Best Buy left its location by the Midland Mall, a new company is coming to fill the vacant property. An Aldi grocery store, a popular German import with locations in Saginaw and Bay City, will be arriving this summer.

The opening of Aldi will bring a unique shopping experience to Midland. Offering a variety of brands that aren’t normally seen at most grocery stores including organic, natural, and gluten-free brands, Aldi also includes a selection of imported treats and foods from Europe.

“I’m really excited to have Stroopwafels close by so that I don’t have to go across the ocean to get them,” senior Julia Ahrns said.

Customers only pay in cash or with debit cards and are encouraged to always bring their own bag, otherwise a reusable one can be purchased. To use a cart, customers must insert a quarter and when it is returned the quarter is given back, keeping employees from having to hunt down stray carts.

Aldi is looking for employees at the Midland location, though an Aldi store typically employs only about 10 people. Unlike most stores, however, Aldi is offering full health insurance benefits and dental coverage for part-time staff working at least 25 hours per week, instead of the more popular 40 hours.

For more information, check out Aldi’s website here.

For career opportunities, check here

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