Learning new skills in photography club

Once again, photography club is meeting up on Wednesday in English teacher Sarah Hechlik’s room after seventh hour. They will be meeting to discuss where and when they will take pictures next. After every meeting, they talk on Facebook and see what day works for everyone.

Photography club has taken pictures around the school, and this year the club will be taking pictures of Dow Gardens in the spring.

The next time they meet, they will learn about macro-photography. Macro-photography is a close up picture of very small objects in which the size of the object in the photograph is larger than life size.

The club plans on doing portraits in the future, and are hoping new people are interested in joining photography club. Members meet new people and learn more about photography.

“It’s fun meeting new people that share the same interest as me,” senior Christi Wohlford said.

Photography club encourages anyone to join with little or no experience and learn something new about photography.

By Kenadee Torres

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Kenadee Torres

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