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Freshman Gracie Anderson: Shirt –, Jeans – American Eagle, Boots – Journeys

At DHS, many students utilize their ability to express themselves and their personality through the way they dress. Freshman Gracie Anderson tends to wear bright colors and stand out in a crowd, mirroring her bubbly and positive attitude and personality.

“I would describe my style as preppy with a little California twist on it,” Anderson said.

Although most of Anderson’s outfits are very obviously her ‘style’, she also likes to experiment with new ways of dressing.

“I love lace and floral patterns and the girly look, but I like to look put together and sophisticated,” Anderson said.

Anderson is a great example of a student who puts a lot of thought into the way she dresses and uses the flexibility of the dress code at DHS to stand out from her peers.

Shirt –
Jeans – American Eagle
Boots – Journeys


By: Tori Hopper


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