DHS students come together for mock interviews

On Thurs., Mar. 19, Melissa Deboer’s marketing classes gathered for the first three hours of the day to participate in mock interviews and a LinkedIn seminar. There were interviews from a multitude of organizations around Midland, who all came in with a great attitude and provided an atmosphere that provided a pressured and professional environment. There were two different sections where students could go and do one-on-one interviews, and for a new view on interviewing, Deboer decided to add a section that did group interviews.

“The group interviews were kind of awkward but it was good to know what they feel like,” freshman Caden Skinner said. “It became easier to build off of other people’s responses to come up with one for yourself.”

Some of the interviewers even had ties back to Deboer and her various business classes. People were willing to come back and assist her with her school events that help students prepare for their future.

“I have a relationship with Mrs. Deboer,” Northwood admissions representative Makenna Doyle said. “She and I work closely with DECA stuff, with her seniors, and things like that. She reached out to me asking if it was something I wanted to do, and I was more than happy to do it.”

The mock interviews are becoming more advanced and more like real life every year. There are more and more people volunteering to help out these marketing students and this provides a realistic professional environment that helps students prepare for future jobs and careers.

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