New Samsung Galaxy S6 coming soon

Samsung is releasing the new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S6 on March 1, 2015. Samsung’s phone last year was the Galaxy S5 which was a big step forward from its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The new S6 boasts an entirely new design from the S5. Samsung plans to have a metal base and accent on the phone rather than plastic. The S6 will also include a computer grade processor. The S6 will have an octa-core with almost 3GHz of power. The S6 will have a base memory of 32 GB. It also contains a 21 megapixel camera, which can capture 4K quality and will have a front camera flash. The S6 will run on Android Lollipop 5.0. The design is also planned to be entirely water proof. Samsung has also repositioned the speakers to the front of the phone for a “better listening experience.”

Owner of the current Samsung Galaxy S5, freshman Youp Ferkit has a positive outlook on Samsung’s new Galaxy S6.

“I’m very interested in the new Galaxy S6 because it sounds like Samsung has done a lot of improvements to the current design,” Ferkit said. “Samsung is really pushing their design limits because they’re changing the whole design, and I can’t wait to see the final product.”

With all these new features comes a big price tag. As prices have not been officially released, the new phone is said to be around $800-950, without a plan from a service provider. If purchased with a plan the phone will approximately be around $250-400.

By Jerod Javier

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