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Traditionally, Americans treasure the Thanksgiving tradition of remaining at home and preparing a massive feast for their families. This is usually accompanied by football games on the TV, catching up with extended family members, and excessive amounts of post-dinner napping. However, freshman Kennedy Torres and her family have a unique Thanksgiving tradition of their own: every other year, they visit Phoenix, Arizona.

Torres’ family has held this tradition since 2012. This year, she will be traveling with her dad, stepmom, sister, and grandparents. The trip will be seven days long, and they will be visiting the Grand Canyon, hanging out by the pool, shopping, and stopping by Old Towne.

Although Torres enjoys visiting Phoenix, there are some things she will miss back at home.

“I will be missing family Thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family,” Torres said. “I will miss seeing them, but I see them a lot for holidays and birthdays.”

Even though Torres will be on vacation, her family still participates in traditional Thanksgiving customs, such as a large dinner.

“They have this huge buffet that takes up three rooms and everything is handmade,” Torres said. “It’s so delicious.”

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By Emily Peterson


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