Student Union Budget Meeting: Opportunity for clubs to obtain grants

On Feb. 11, Student Union is scheduled to hold a budget meeting to discuss the status of the Student Union Grants. These grants are derived from 75% of the money remaining from the Magazine Drive. The profits from the drive will be split into three possible grants.

This year however, there is a total of six grants available for the student body. Three of these grants were from last year and are being made available alongside this year’s grants.

“The cool thing about these grants is that clubs can apply for them,” freshman and Student Union member Duncan Donahue said. “Basically what happens is they come to the budget meeting and give a small presentation on why their club is most deserving of the grant.”

After these three to four minute presentations, there will be a short question and answer session. The members present at the Budget Meeting will then rank the clubs interested in grants from most to least deserving. The grants will then be given to the most worthy clubs once the scores are tallied.

“The leftover profit after the grants are given will go towards funding for the activities of all students, not just the ones in clubs,” junior and Student Union member Nisha Patel said. “We’ll decide who gets the grants in the best way possible.”

The Budget Meeting being held will consist of the Executive Board, the presidents of each class and a representative from each club applying for a grant. This is a great opportunity for underfunded clubs to showcase themselves and get the funding they may need.

By Savanah Speaker

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