RSVP: A program looking to make change

The six week RSVP program has recently come to an end. The three summits of the program have been completed, but the future of the long-term plans of RSVP will hopefully continue to thrive.

“RSVP looks to engage the student body and increase the overall connection between administration and the student body,” junior and Student Union member Sam Ungerleider said.

During the three summits, the members of RSVP collected information on what the students felt were the most necessary changes to make within the school. They then took this information and narrowed it down to the most probable and most important proposals.

“I think RSVP is, and will continue to bring great change for the betterment of Dow,” junior and RSVP member Vrushangi Shah said. “We have put together the civic action plan which outlines the top issues and have been talking with Mrs. Kastl who is very supportive of the whole process.”

Some of these major issues being dealt with through RSVP are the renovation of the school bathrooms, the ability for students to select their lunch period and having school start at a later time. The bathroom renovation is expected to happen soon, especially if the Feb. bond passes, and the other two issues are a work in progress.

The responses have been overall positive for RSVP. It is a program with the purpose of making change and the progress is being made. Over the years, RSVP will look to extend its influence and grow with the student body, making positive and necessary improvement along the way.

By Savanah Speaker

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