Holly Young prepares herself for the nerve-wracking exam week

Junior Holly Young, gets together all of her stacks of flashcards for her last quick glance before her exam the next day. Though nervous, Young keeps it all together and stress-free by making sure she eats the perfect food to keep her energized when studying.

“Pizza Rolls are my favorite,” Young said. “Because they’re the bomb.”

Young method for passing her exams is memorization tricks and repetition, constantly going over past test and quizzes or flipping through flashcards. With a lot of sleep she gets confidence to fly through her anatomy exam. But Young is not-so worried about some of her other classes.

“I think my health care and tech exam will be a breeze,” Young said.

Overall, Young advises those who are new to or having a rough time with exams to relax.

“Exams aren’t that big of a deal, so don’t worry about them too much, and just do you study guides and you’ll be just fine,” Young said.

By: Maddy Futter

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Maddy Futter

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