What is FGL?

Everyone wants to feel like they have a place. At DHS, a club was created several years ago that would ensure that people would belong somewhere. This program is FGL.

“FGL was the name selected under [previous adviser] Mrs. Kuehl,” social studies teacher Ric Shahin said. “It stands for ‘Freaks, Geeks, and Losers,’ the names hurled at these students by others.  FGLers have taken it as a rallying cry for creative, innovative people to gather together.”

FGL has been around for over 10 years and Shahin has been a part of it for the past five. There are several different things that one can do while participating in FGL. The limits are endless from Pokemon to watching classic movies and television shows.

“The purpose of FGL is to allow students with eclectic interests to have a time and place to interact with others of similar interests, or who would be interested in learning new things,” Shahin said.

This club separates themselves from other programs in DHS because everything is somewhat informal. It is simply a unique group of students with a variety of interests doing fun things every Friday after seventh hour.

If you have any questions, email adviser Ric Shahin: ShahinRP@midlandps.org

By Brinli Leonhardt

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Brinli Leonhardt

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