Guardians of the Galaxy


Guardians of the Galaxy

The movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” was really outstanding

This is how the movie began. It all started when Peter and his dad were at the hospital because Peter’s mom was dying and the dad tried to calm her down while Peter ran out crying  but then a huge spaceship came and took Peter. A while later, Peter was a grown man now and he was wandering around. And Peter went in a creepy hole and he opened the door. There was some kind of weird glowing ball; he touched it and then he grabbed it. He was about to run but space guards came in to take it back. Peter did not know that those were the good guys. So Peter hired a team and they went to save the galaxy that’s why they are called Guardians of the Galaxy. He stole some weird glowing ball that was in the deeper part of the galaxy and he was just about to move with the ball when he got in huge trouble by space guards. So Peter did not want to steal stuff anymore. He wanted to save both worlds by getting a team. That’s when Groot came in with more fighters like Draxx, Rocket, and Gamora

Groot is really a good fighter. He can grow tall and make a flower grow out of his hand.  He can also move his hand side to side. He is the strongest guy ever and I think he wants to help Peter lead the fight. Groot also says “I am Groot” or he says “we are Groot”. Draxx fights with a knife and he is kind of grumpy sometimes. Rocket uses a gun to fight. His partner is Groot but if you call him cutie or creepy he will do something scary. Rocket and Groot are like brothers but sometimes they don’t get along. Starlord is their team leader and he does not want them to give up. He wants to show his new friends how to show pride, respect, and leadership, and strength. Gamora is a green woman and she fights with a sword. Watch out for her sword.

During the clip at the end of the movie, watch Groot dance and freeze suddenly when Draxx turns. Hope you like it!


























































































































































































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