Do You Have What it Takes?

You think you have what it takes to be on a volleyball team? Volleyball is a physically intense game. It’s more than just serving and spiking. Those two aspects are just the beginning of the demanding sport. Not only will being on a volleyball team improve your overall physical performance, but it will improve your mental capacity.

In order to play on a volleyball team, you need to be conditioned. As mentioned before, volleyball is a physically intense game. There are times in a game where the volley could go on forever. To be able to win the “never ending” point, one should never give up and always play to the best of their ability. Sometimes, someone on the team will shank a ball, meaning that the ball will hit off of them funny and go flying, and you will have to be able to sprint and or throw yourself down to the ground to put the ball back in play. This requires hours of intense conditioning. One idea for conditioning includes going on a run. Running a mile will improve your long distance abilities and will help when there is a “never ending” point. I would also suggest doing some sprints for those points where you have to chase after a ball far out of reach. A great place to go to improve your athletic performance is Athletic Republic, located at the Midland Community Center.

When watching a volleyball team, you may see the team yell and come together after each point. This keeps a positive energy among the team. It is always a good thing to keep a positive attitude when being on a volleyball team, because volleyball teams are sort of like a chain reaction. If one person has a bad attitude, the rest of the team will go down with them. It’s basic psychology. Players tend to play better when they are happy and excited. When a point is lost in a match, don’t let it affect you. If you show that you have been affected, the other team will target you, and you will keep messing up. Staying positive will keep the team positive.

The term “practice makes perfect” is a very relevant idea when it comes to volleyball. It takes hours, upon hours of practicing a week to improve your performance. It may take years to get to where you want to be. Take, for instance, the varsity volleyball team. Most of that team has been playing since middle school and they have improved greatly. The girls play all year long and practice at least five times a week. There are even girls on the team going to play for college. The improvement among them is astonishing.

It takes a lot of determination to be on a volleyball team. Conditioning will improve your physical performance, as well as your mental performance, so you will feel better about yourself in the long run. Staying positive will keep the team happy and energetic, which is mentally necessary for a volleyball team. Practicing and practicing will improve your skill level immensely and will make you feel better about your performance. In conclusion, being on a volleyball team will improve your physical and mental performance.

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