Students participate in hallway decorating

For DHS students, Midland-Dow week is arguably the most exciting and spirited week of the year. Lots of students from freshmen to seniors participate in several activities in order to make the week as memorable as possible.

One of the most popular activities that some students enjoy participating in is hallway decorating. This year’s hallway decorating took place on Sunday, Oct. 19 where many students from all grades gathered in school. They worked from noon until after 6 p.m. decorating posters. Many students enjoy working on the decorations and believe there are many rewards for participating.

Senior Audrey Moolenaar enjoyed helping out this year and believes students from all grades should join in.

“I think everyone should participate because it is a fun way to support our football team and bond as a grade,” Moolenaar said. “It gets everyone pumped up for the big game when they see the decorations and increases school spirit.”

Some students believe this year has been one of the best in terms of hallway decorations, and think that it’s going to have a positive impact on the student body.

“The halls are better than I’ve ever seen them,” senior Lydia Mayle said. “It’s not just one that stands out, it’s all of them. They look awesome and I get so jacked reading all the signs the pom and cheer teams put up along with the front and gym halls.”

Midland-Dow week has been an important tradition for years, and getting the school’s hallways ready is just another way of supporting the football team and the other athletic teams that face MHS this week.


By: Natalia Paternina

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