Spirit Days for Homecoming

With homecoming a few days away, students are getting ready to show their support for the football team by participating in spirit days. For the first time ever, the student leadership class and Mrs. Kastl came up with different spirit days for homecoming week to get students excited. Starting with sweatpants day on Monday, lots of students have decided to participate to show their school spirit and Charger pride.

“People should participate because it makes us more whole as a school” senior McKenna Root said, “I think it definitely brings more excitement for football games.”

However, not all students decide to participate on these events, which disappoints those who love spirit days. Senior Katie Pacholke thinks all students should be a part of it in order to bring the school together.

“I think people should participate” Pacholke said, “It brings everyone together and it creates a sense of unity among the school. I think we need more of it since lots of people already don’t participate.”

Whether a student participates or not, it’s safe to say what matters the most to the players is showing support by attending the games.

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